Our History

The SDW Construction brand, under SDW Realty & Development Inc. was registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission in October 2012. Our group had its early beginnings as a general works contractor, primarily supplying the construction needs of its main affiliates: HMR Philippines Inc., HMR Auction Services Inc., HMR Envirocycle Philippines Inc., CNC BPO Solutions, Fair Dinkum Fabricators Inc., HMR Solutions, and HMRSOS.

Today, the brand has grown exponentially into a full service A rated General Contractor, offering a wide range of multi-disciplined construction services for projects of all sizes that are delivered on schedule and for the most economical price. SDW Construction places great importance on partnership and complimentary relationships that aid in the fulfillment of all its construction projects, guaranteeing quality standards at an early stage, on time, and within budget.

Our Team

The company brings to the table qualified and high-level professionals in the field of Architecture, Interior Design, Civil and Structural Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Sanitary and Mechanical Engineering. We have a platform that includes highly technical personnel and a structured management team. Our experience gives us an adaptive structure, with the ability to cater for many different projects. Our experienced professional team provides overall planning and co-ordination from concept to completion.

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Our Values

Our success is built on our dedication and firm belief in excellence in quality of work, attention to detail, prompt completion, strong and complimentary working partnerships, and the recruitment and training of top-level staff. SDW Construction ensures excellence and dedication in the design & construction solutions provided to our clients through its key drivers:

Transparency, Trust and Accountability
Kaya Spirit

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