AC Energy Holdings, INC.


AC Energy Holdings, Inc. Located at Makati City. The Company is dedicated in Building a portfolio of Power Generation resources using renewable and Conventional Technologies.



SDW Realty was commissioned to create a work-space that would reflect an image of simplicity with the necessary character so that the Client felt identified with their brand.



One of the many meeting rooms; designed with pure simplicity and heavy Industrial look with polished concrete walls and wooden ceiling trellises.  Wind Turbine Blades were used as the main accent of the room.



High STC ratings in meeting spaces were expressed through the initial design brief. Plyboo by Smith & Fong which is a renewable bamboo panel combined with sound absorbing material for acoustical performance was used in the main board room.



Simplifying the design of the furniture to help Generate Spatial continuity and steadiness.



Wooden back cabinets and trellises separates the Employee’s lounge to other main areas. There is an inherent truthfulness in the use of materials, most of which are left exposed – polished concrete flooring, cement board partitions and exposed ceiling. This rustic theme is contrasted well with the sleekness of glass and the sleek black American walnut casework and joinery, which creates an ambiance of working amidst modern industrial office setting.



Overlooking Ayala Makati The terrace is converted into a garden and lounge which adds another layer against the hot tropical climate and helps keep the interiors cool.


6 Tips for A Smoother Office Renovation

1. Understand Your Purpose

So, your company has finally decided that it’s about time you conduct an office refurbishment. And you also think it’s perfectly timed since you’ve been hearing your employees murmur about the inconveniences they are having whenever they walk past the creaky hallway; or the lack-luster appeal of your front desk; even that annoying hole that was patched up haphazardly with duct tape near the cafeteria.

There’s a lot of other reasons for pushing a renovation, but mostly, it’s for improving the quality of your office’s surroundings. This would eventually translate as to how much you care about your employees’ workspace and their well-being. Making your employees feel safe and comfortable in doing office renovation could also mean more income for your company, so it’s a win-win.

Before moving to the planning stages, you must ask first ask the following types of questions:

  • Is a renovation the best option?
  • Are we 100% certain relocating isn’t a better option?
  • What are the goals and objectives behind this idea?
  • Is our timing right?
  • Are there any barriers, physical or financial, to completing a successful renovation?

Only after getting the answers should you be able to proceed with the actual thinking of how you want to go about the whole renovation process. This way, your project will serve its purpose of making your company look good, and your employees to perform great.

2. Survey Your Office and Your Surroundings

Now that you understand the purpose of the renovation project, it’s now important for you to get the current standing of your entire establishment and its surroundings. Having a complete audit of the different rooms, furniture, and materials can give you a scope of what you are trying to accomplish during the renovation.

This would also help you make a rough estimate of the budget you should allocate for the entire project and identify the items that could be re-used—remember that any kind of renovation would cost a significant amount of money, so if you can salvage some from your current inventory, it would be best to take note of it or save it for later.

Also, take note of what worked and what didn’t work in your current office setup. This would prevent you from doing the same mistakes. After all, renovations are supposed to make improvements, not just a simple redesign.

3. Device a Renovation Strategy

office renovation strategy

We understand that there is already a lot on your plate, and you have yet to begin the renovation process itself. As mentioned above, this is no easy task. Without proper management, a renovation could turn into a nightmare fast. To prevent this, it would be best to speak with experts in the field of construction and design and take their word as guidelines. It’s also too great to seek out professionals to manage and help you plan the entire project from start to finish.

A most common piece of advice you can get from them would be to create a checklist of the things you must do divided into tasks and subtasks. This way, it would be easier to keep track of your project’s progress.

4. Keep Everyone Involved, Stay Involved

During the renovation process, you will be working with a lot of different people. They must be properly aligned with each other about what they do and when they need to do it before them joining the project. This reduces the amount of wait-around time of people whose tasks are dependent on others—effectively eliminating delays in the project.

As the point-of-contact of the renovation, you would be tasked with keeping everyone updated about the progress or any delays to keep the team on the same track throughout the renovation. This also gives the people your working with a feeling of inclusion and appreciation. You’re not working with robots so a simple “how’s everything going?” goes a long way.

5. Keep Working

It’s easy to get distracted by all the noise and activity of the on-going construction for your office fit-out. Don’t let all the distractions get to you and your employees and proceed to do your regular work business-as-usual.

Your company must remain productive throughout the whole renovation process. You have already spent quite the sum to make the renovation possible, the last thing your company needs are more losses in revenue just because of unproductivity.

6.Transition Like a Pro

Lastly, when all the dust settles, it’s now time to move into the newly renovated office space. Anticipate a tremendous surge of energy coming from everyone and don’t be overwhelmed by it because it’s perfectly understandable—given all the hype that was building-up while the constructions were on-going. That being said, it would be best to plan the transition months before the project completion. This will give you enough time to delegate who will move-in first and where they will be allocated.

It would also be good for your leaders to conduct a tour of the newly renovated space a few weeks before opening, just to give your employees an idea of where they’re supposed to work. This is important as the first measure of success for your renovation would be your employees’ reactions. Again going back to tip #1, if the purpose of the renovation has been fulfilled, you can expect good feedback. And if you manage to surprise them with something extra, something that exceeds their expectations, you will know directly from them and realize that all the effort is worth it.

3 Reasons Why Redesigning Your Office Could Mean More Income

Redesigning your office fit-out is not just changing the color schemes of your corridor or moving some desks and furniture. It’s more about changing the overall vibe, look, and feel of your entire workspace. It should represent your company’s desire for growth and should inspire your people to work more productively.


In the Philippines, interior designers and contractors are moving at a great pace catching up on international competitors and applying the trends and designs for office fit-out making the country more globally competitive in the field. This kind of growth bodes well for those who are bold enough to venture into the intricate process of office redesign as contractors are always expected to put their best foot forward to edge out their competitors.

Now, you’re probably thinking that redesigning your office would cost your company a great loss, and in a sense, you’re right. From planning, designing, to the construction itself, it would require a significant amount of time and money. However, this kind of expense is somewhat unavoidable and does have its benefits and, if you plan well enough, could easily return a profit.

Here, we have collected 3 ways on how having a redesign could help your business get more income to help you decide if it’s already time for you to jump-in the interior fit-out bandwagon.

1. A redesign can increase employee productivity

If done right, not only that you’ll get a new fresh look for your office, but you’ll also give your employees a boost. In 2017, millennials (ages 21 to 36) hold the majority of the workforce. It would be reasonable for office culture and perks to be tailored to this generation. An open-office layout is more enjoyable for millennials as it fosters a high-energy environment that eventually drives their productivity. And the more productive your people are, well, the more the clients’ investments flow in.

Transcom open-plan office space layout

Putting your employees in a cubicle just wouldn’t work anymore in this day and age.

The overall decor of the workspace brings a significant impact on people’s mood, creativity, and inspiration. You wouldn’t be surprised if you ask your employees about what their dream office would look like, and the majority of the answers are Google or Facebook. These companies have taken into account the trends in design and incorporate it with the creativity of their employees. As a result, Facebook has recently been named as the best workplace of 2018, and Googleplex stands as the benchmark when it comes to tech campuses.

2. Fresh Designs Attract the Best Talents and Clients

Your office is the face of your company. It is where your employees work, and your clients put their investment on. With this said, you wouldn’t want people coming into the office and be thrown-off by how lame the place is.

Designing the office to become dynamic and vibrant not only adds to the overall appeal, but it also caters creativity and inspiration towards not just your current employees and clients, but also to those who aspire to be your future employees and clients.

Telus Office Fit Out

For example, adding a comfortable and cozy breakout area where employees can relax and socialize with their peers which could also translate to them being revitalized and ready to go through their day blazing. Spaces like these could also serve as an avenue for impromptu meetings that could spark new inspired ideas without the confining walls of a conference room. Lastly, when aspiring applicants come to visit, and they see how your office fit-out nurtures employees, you’ll make them say, “I want to work here.”

3. Less is more

The times have truly changed, and the era of large furniture has gone. Today, space is a very valuable commodity that no one dares ignore. By investing in the systematic use of space allows you to veer away from wasting your company’s hard-earned resources on unnecessary paperweights.

Atlassian Space efficient design

Cubicles and dividers are a thing of the past. Sure, they provide privacy, but it blocks communication between your employees. It eats up space meant for interaction, and makes the workplace feel like a prison—and in all honesty, that would be the worst-case scenario.

Having a design that can transform with the needs of your people would not only help them be better with what they do, but it would also help your company to be more flexible in the long run.

In the end, it’s not just about the income anymore. Giving your employees an environment where they can enjoy working is one of the main keys to your company’s success. After all, the workplace is essentially the body of your business. It’s best to pay close attention to taking care of it, eventually, you will reap the rewards—yes, that includes a reasonable return on your investment.

To help you decide if it’s time to give your office fit-out a do-over, please see SDW’s portfolio and be inspired by what we can do for you.

5 Tips for Interior Fit Out Designs to Bring Out the Best in Your Employees

The office. It goes by different names: gray hell, the box, Alcatraz—you get the picture. But it doesn’t necessarily have to remain that way. The concept of interior fit-out allows business owners to re-imagine the design and build of their establishments to make it more conducive for their employees and make work-life more enjoyable.


Take Google for example. They have created some of the most creative, unique, and fun workspace there is and the outcome of their work is still viral to this day. Surely their designs have made a tremendous impact on today’s architecture and construction scene and many other contractors have followed the trend and in doing so, it improved the lives of their employees by leaps and bounds.

Here we have gathered 5 essential tips to give your employees a boost just by tweaking your office interior.


1. Greenery and Natural Lighting


biophilic design


Humans naturally desire to be connected with nature—biophilia as scientists call it. It would only make sense to let in natural light and add something green in the place humans spend their time in; for most adults, that place would be the office.

There have been numerous studies that have proven the positive effects of biophilic design in the workspace. Here are some benefits to having plants near the workstation:

Reduces stress

A 2010 study by the new University of Technology, Sydney, found significant reductions in stress among workers when plants were introduced to their workspace. Results included a 37% fall in reported tension and anxiety; a 58% drop in depression or dejection; a 44% decrease in anger and hostility; and a 38% reduction in fatigue.

Increases productivity

Employees’ productivity jumps 15% when previously ‘lean’ work environments are filled with just a handful of houseplants, according to 2014 research by the University of Exeter.

Reduces sickness and absence rates

Some experts argue that adding plants to the work environment can help to reduce the risk of sick building syndrome. Symptoms of sick building syndrome get worse the longer a person stays in a particular building and eventually get better after they leave.

Cleans the air

This is no secret, but it would be helpful to be reminded that nature performs miracles every day. Photosynthesis is a process used by plants to convert sunlight and carbon dioxide into food and oxygen. Your employees would be able to breathe fresh air every day without costing a single cent.

2. Maximize Space


flexible office space design


From a business standpoint, every square inch of an establishment costs money that’s why it would be wise to utilize every corner of the office. This doesn’t mean that you’ll need to fill the nooks-and-crannies with a bunch of unneeded stuff, it just means to maximize the available space. Here are some solutions to help you accomplish this:

Let there be light

Your office may not have a lot of equipment, but having ample lighting is enough to make it look bigger. Adding more windows that allow natural light to come in may just do the trick. It is also known to raise alertness and productivity levels.

Veer away from heavy furniture

Oversized dark-colored furniture may trick the eyes into believing that space is smaller than it is.

Remain flexible

Instead of building concrete walls, use dividers or folding walls that can easily be removed to transform your office space. You can also use collapsible or movable tables, desks, and chairs. This way, you can freely use the same pieces of furniture for other functions when needed. With this, you can transform a double-room space into a bigger single-room perfect for a small team to conduct their collaborative meetings.

Go vertical

There are plenty of ways you can save space by filing your documents. Offices that feature extensive wall space make use of a vertical filing system, in particular, to allow for optimal utilization of that wall space.

3. Clutter-Free


minimalist office design


Your office is a sanctuary, a holy place where you’ve invested your life’s work. You can’t allow it to become cluttered otherwise, your employees will start feeling uneasy, or worse, someone could even get hurt in an accident. Here are some office hacks to keep the workspace clutter-free:

  • Make space for a multitasking message board.
  • Create an order with drawer organizers and use color-coding on your files.
  • Corral chaotic cables or go cord-free.
  • Divide your office into task-related work zones for maximum efficiency.
  • Set up a paper-processing station.
  • Schedule regular maintenance.
4. Quality Furniture


quality office furniture
Just like in any remodeling project, upgrades are necessary to acquire better results. You wouldn’t need to replace everything, but adding quality materials to your office is one way to make your employees feel appreciated. Replacing their old desks and chairs with fine tables and comfortable seats would go a long way in setting up the right mood in the workplace.

Spending an ample amount of resources to get higher quality furniture will be worth every penny in the long run. Boring office furniture tends to make employees lazy and uninspired, it also results in people feeling irritated and clumsy by the mountains of work on their desk. Being surrounded with boring furniture, individuals oftentimes lose interest in work and it’ll affect someone’s productivity to a large extent.

5. Cozy Lobby


lobby interior design


Your office lobby can also be called the ‘face’ of your company. It’s the first thing that greets the first time visitors, interested applicants, and employees to begin their day. It’s imperative to make the lobby as awesome and as welcoming as possible.

Say, you are a visitor in a company, the last thing you want is a lobby that doesn’t have a welcoming vibe; if you’re a job applicant, it would help if the waiting area is less tense and have comfortable seats; if you’re an employee, you wouldn’t want to see the same cold and boring hall every single day. These are the things you wouldn’t want people to think when they first set foot in your office. After all, first impressions do last, so no need to hold back in designing your lobby.

There you have it, with these tips in your arsenal, your office space would be a wonderland for your employees. They may even get the word out and recommend your company to their peers and new applicants would just swarm in. Your visitors would be impressed that they may finally sign that contract with you. Investing in designing or redesigning your office fit-out would prove to be very beneficial in one way or another.

Do you find interior design interesting? Contact us for a consultation with our professional interior designer. You can also click here to see our portfolio.