Slide Environmental and Social Governance - ESG at SDW “Good works begin with implementation, not shallow rhetoric.” ESG at SDW


Environmental and Social Governance: ESG at SDW supports the company’s objective to power an inclusive future that benefits our employees, communities, and the planet. We concentrate our efforts on policies and strategies that will preserve and improve the mission to develop green design and building techniques and to assist communities through outreach initiatives.


The United Nations Department for Sustainable Development

According to the United Nations, an agenda for sustainable development was established in 2015, giving a blueprint for global peace and prosperity that benefits both people and the planet. The United Nations created 17 Sustainable Development Goals to combat global warming, poverty, and a lack of education. (United Nations, no date, Department of Economic and Social Affairs & Sustainable Development, New York, USA, THE 17 GOALS | Sustainable Development (un.org)).

ESG at SDW is completely dedicated to meeting the requirements of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals for Quality Education and Responsible Consumption and Production.

The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development offers a shared road map for achieving peace and prosperity for people and the planet, both now and in the future, through sustainable economic growth. All states that are members of the United Nations voted in favor of this agenda in 2015. The 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), an urgent call for action by both developed and developing countries working together in a global partnership, are at the core of this initiative. They acknowledge that eradicating poverty and other forms of deprivation must be accomplished simultaneously.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility – “Kaya Project”

The Kaya Project is a project created to educate the children of the Tuloy Orphanage Foundation. Our employees and facilities provide a day program wherein we educate the children on woodwork machinery and allow them to assemble furniture. The construction industry offers a vast range of opportunities. It provides a strong career path, and we are proud to give them insight into this.

In conjunction with our program, we recognize genuine talent and interest from the children. We are providing apprenticeship opportunities for post-school education. Check out our Tuloy Orphanage Summer Workshop Program.

Our Environmental / Sustainability Program – “Green Initiatives”

Our waste strategy focuses on reducing waste production and diverting as much of our waste from landfills as possible. The following four plans outline our approach.

  1. Introducing a new sustainable approach to both construction and fabrication
  2. Educating our Workforce
  3. Producing “secondary life” furniture
  4. Working closely with our strategic suppliers and subcontractors

SDW is committed to improving our internal systems, and we have created yearly KPIs to set our company standards.

SDW 2021 Sustainable Business Strategy Targets

Junior Committee

The committee is in charge of ensuring that the organization's policies and outcomes support the organization's mission and strategic goals. The committee's mission is to assist the Board in identifying, evaluating, and reviewing green and sustainable environmental trends that affect business activities and performance concerning SDW Design and Construction Operations. This responsibility falls under the purview of the committee. Also, to identify and analyze the proposed management policies and activities related to CSR.