Fit-Out Construction

Many terms in construction may be unfamiliar to outsiders or those new to the industry. Fit-out construction is one such term. It usually refers to activities that prepare a commercial tenant’s interior space for occupation. A tenant’s contractor usually does the fit-out construction rather than the landlord’s construction company.

Typically, contractor working for a commercial space landlord will create an interior space as “white box” or “shell.” It usually happens whether it’s for a new build or preparing a previous tenant space for new tenants to look at and sign a lease on. However, the areas inside a building are commonly left bare in commercial establishments and real estate for the occupants to modify according to their needs and requirements. In essence, fit-out construction involves transforming a space into a usable setup based on the preferences and goals of a company.

Difference Between a Fit-Out Construction and a Renovation

Fit-outs typically include installing architectural features such as various partitions, window placements, door fittings, plumbing, and ventilation. While renovation typically focuses on the design aspect and revamping the space for aesthetics. Fit-outs, on the other hand, emphasize changes and customization of the area for functionality. That’s why a fit-out construction typically takes longer than a simple renovation.

Different Types of Fit-Out Construction:

Fit-outs, like other improvement projects, are classified into two types based on their inclusions.

category A fit-outs

Category A – Functional

Category A fit-out installs mechanical and electrical systems in a building. While the shell and core highlight the exterior, Category A covers the interior. It’s usually in a rented commercial space. Since a Category A space is a blank canvas, it’s easy to sell. But no matter how functional their interiors are, Category A fit-outs require secondary design features to meet their goals.

Here are other things included in a Category A fit-out:

  • Grid ceilings
  • Electrical outlets
  • Fire protection systems
  • Lightings
  • Toilets
  • Lift Shafts
  • Reception areas
  • Lobbies
  • Raised access floorings
  • HVAC systems (Heat, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning Systems)

transforming a space

Category B – Aesthetic

Category B fit-out complements Category A by installing everything not completed during the Cat A fit-out. It means that in addition to the elements required to make an office or commercial space functional, it also involves implementing the aesthetics and anything else that will enhance the interior space and facilitate daily work operations. Cat B fit-out allows you to emphasize aesthetic design and customize the interior space to better reflect the company’s brand and identity.

Here are some of the installations included in the Category B fit-out:

  • Workstations
  • Kitchen areas
  • Design and company branding
  • Furnishings
  • Décor
  • Meeting rooms / Conference rooms

Turnkey Fit-Out Construction

A turnkey fit-out construction is also known as a design and build fit-out. It happens when the developer or tenant of the workspace ensures that the current build is ready to be occupied. Consequently, the contractor provides a complete and integrated line of service to deliver a space from bare to fully completed. A turnkey fit-out project involves the contractors from design conceptualization to construction and handing the space to the client ready for use.

Some clients prefer a turnkey fit-out to coordinate with a single point person, making the process more concise, efficient, and smooth. It is especially appealing to clients unfamiliar with the construction process.

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