Interior Design Ideas for a More Productive Office


Practical Interior Design Ideas to Keep the Staff Productive

Office managers, business owners, and facilities managers constantly seek ways to increase team productivity. It can seem challenging to keep your office inspiring and new in a continuously changing workplace thanks to co-working, home working, and flexible hours. We examine several tried-and-true interior design ideas to increase output and energize and motivate personnel. These interior design tips are ideal for modern business, whether adopting cutting-edge commercial flooring, altering the office layout, or streamlining your workspaces.


1) Fun interior design concept

Innovative companies that have embraced fun workplace interior design ideas include Telus, PruLife UK, and KMC. Employees will want to work in a fun environment and be more productive. They may even stay later and socialize while at work. Despite the seeming contradiction, integrating work and leisure is critical to hiring new employees and rewarding current ones. You don’t have to go as far as Onefootball HQ, which has a headquarters with goalposts and a three-lane jogging track around the office.

Still, these forward-thinking companies have succeeded in establishing exciting and enjoyable working environments that employees want to be in. As simple as adding a table tennis table to the break room, adding candy dispensers to the decor, or designing more inspiring breakout spaces with humorous messages are all examples of how you can inject some fun into your workplace. These actions show the company’s desire to engage with the workforce.


interior design ideas
Telus BGC


2) Energizing indoor spaces

Particularly when it comes to the colors you choose for your office, a fun interior design concept may be a terrific tool for inspiring and energizing your workers. Yellow, blue, and orange are vivid and striking colors that enhance happiness and productivity. Use vivid office accents, particular feature walls, vibrant commercial carpets, and carpet tiling to incorporate these colors.


interior design ideas
PruLife UK


3) Consider the senses

The multi-sensory approach to interior design has grown significantly recently, and this can be a terrific tool for boosting productivity. Pine, peppermint, and citrus can be used as sprays, diffusers, and plug-in air fresheners to increase alertness, mood, and energy. Another sensation that has previously been neglected in office design is hearing. Allowing employees to use headphones to filter out noise is another wise move. Seated, quiet rooms might be ideal for them to focus away from the bustling office.




4) Promote the development of ideas

The interior design concept of many forward-thinking companies’ offices has idea generation built-in. You may promote innovation and new ideas by giving your workers a place to store and present images. This could be achieved with a whiteboard that anybody can write on. A wall for workers for post-it notes or a meeting space where the entire company can discuss fresh ideas. Designating an area for ideas isolated from the rest of the office enables people to study concepts, exercise, and feel engaged and motivated by the organization.



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