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FF&E – Construction Process


When we talk about FF&E, our interior design team is thinking of everything in the room that isn’t bolted to the structure of the building. Such as the system and loose furniture, lighting fixtures, sanitary wares, soft and hard finishes, artwork, greenery, and other finishes related to interior design. FF&E stands for furniture, fixtures, and equipment.

The design process begins with a kickoff meeting among all project team members, including interior designers, general contractors, architects, consultants, and the brand. Each part of the team takes on responsibilities to determine ownership of the necessary steps for project completion. Then, it’s time for SDW’s FF&E team to do their magic.

The first step is to develop the design concept with computer rendering, material finishes, mood boards, and color palettes of actual samples. Once the client approves, the FF&E team will bring the project to life. The next step consists of specific product selections of furniture, fabrics, finishes, lighting, and millwork. After that, the showcase of all the actual products. Then comes the tagging of architectural drawings and listing of approved materials for all FF&E work for documentation.

Finally, the FF&E team will make on-site visits during construction to administer direction for installation to guarantee everything are properly in place and ensure all processes are on schedule and followed according to the client’s preferences and approval. They will implement quality control and help resolve issues taking most of the headache almost unseen.

SDW’s FF&E team passionately works around the clock to safeguard the turnover schedule and to happily provide the highest value possible.

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