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Finishing Phase – Construction Process

The finishing phase is where the beauty and the fine art of the construction process culminates. It is the concluding stage of construction where the overall quality of a project being put into service depends on the quality of its execution. Herein lies what is retained in the meticulous eye of the customer long after the project is finished.

Once the overall structure has been established, the careful finishing works of plastering, painting, finish carpentry, as well, as some final touches in the electrical works and air conditioning take place.  We take pride in guaranteeing the quality of our works from womb to tomb.

Surface finishes detail the quality and seals product performance to last longer than they are intended. While reliability is key, aesthetics in the finishing stage is the face of our craftsmanship. For office fit-outs, the final appearance must be impeccable as it is our legacy to our clients.

We guarantee that our team of competent finishing workers keeps true to our track record of excellence. We bank on the competence that we have committed from project kick-off up to the finishing phase. In SDW, our eye is on the prize of customer satisfaction and exceptional customer experience is our mantra at work.

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