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Setting Out – Construction Process

In a fit-out project, there are various processes in making the space ready for occupation. The first phase is – Setting Out.

Before the start of construction work, you have to clearly define the outline of the construction and the centerline of the walls so that construction can be carried out exactly according to the plan.

The first step is to survey and measure the area for construction and record all existing services like pipes, electricity, columns, mechanical and other services.

Then, make a CAD plan of the current site condition. Make sure it is aligned with the architectural plan and make the necessary adjustments based on the existing site condition.

Finally, transfer the architectural proposals from drawing into the ground and establish location points for site boundaries, foundations, columns, centerlines of walls, and other necessary structural parts.

Accurate setting out is a fundamental part of the construction works and errors can be very expensive and time-consuming to correct. Therefore, it should only be undertaken by competent persons and all work should be thoroughly checked.

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