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Wall Closure – Construction Process

After framing, it’s now time for the preparation for wall closures.

This phase is more of the unseen portion of the office interior but plays a vital part in the construction. It includes roughing-ins for mechanical, electrical, wiring to termination, plumbing, firefighting system, and backing for all necessary items that need support before the wall board-up. It involves almost every aspect of fit-out construction.

Every aspect should meet the design specification. Total quality control must be implemented to zero out faulty workmanship. Cutting corners is never an option as it will affect timelines, costs, and overall project delivery.

As this construction process entails a wide array of workers, therefore harmony and efficiency are key. Working simultaneously while maintaining quality is our first order of business.

Exceptional skills in the wall closure phase set apart a contractor from the others, that’s why SDW’s commitment to improved quality, efficiency, and attention to detail is our open secret in every project.


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