Allan Jay Carino

Allan Jay Cariño

Allan Jay Cariño earned a degree in Bachelor of Science in Interior Design. Before SDW, he was a designer in charge of retail showroom & booth design for large-scale exhibitions of an international brand. From schematic design concepts to project management, he expanded his skills in handling multiple projects with relatively tight timelines and was eventually mentored by a foreign director. Apart from this, he had the opportunity to work with and collaborate with foreign designers.

Years later, Allan Jay Cariño, became an FFE designer in a multinational design firm and was exposed to doing furniture, lighting, casework design & specs writing for hospitality projects.

Later on, AJ as he is called by his peers, joined SDW as one of the pioneer FFE team members of SDW that execute projects such as We Work, Regus, Ibex, and Pru Life UK to name a few. Now, he is in charge of leading the sourcing of FFE finishes (wall finishes, floor, loose furniture, lighting & the like) for various corporate fit-outs.

AJ is also active in competitive sports like badminton & volleyball which enabled him to develop a mindset of both a leader and team player he continuously renders through his work.