Gareth Holgate

Gareth Holgate

Gareth Holgate attended Rydal Penrhos College in North Wales before earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture at the University of Cardiff. He was a former member of the Philippine Volcanoes, the country’s national rugby team. His exceptional play in the Asian 5 Nations rugby tournament earned him a spot in the World Cup in Moscow. After returning to the Philippines, he started working for SDW Construction, a start-up construction company, and became its project manager.

Gareth initially balanced his work and athletic life, but as the firm took off, he began to devote more of his time to growing this recently founded company. With a background in Architecture, Gareth pivoted the business core as a General Contractor and introduced additional design services as part of the company’s capabilities.

Team, environment, planning, partners, and communication. – These are the five guiding concepts to which Gareth Holgate adheres. “The environment is the culture within that team, and the team is the glue that holds the business together. Any project must be planned to be completed successfully and on time, and partners are what make this possible. Effective communication is crucial at all levels and with partners, whether it’s breaking good or bad news. This fundamental aspect of the business is occasionally ignored or missed as a project moves forward.”

As the CEO of SDW Realty & Development Inc., Gareth Holgate aims to make his company the partner of choice for fit-out construction projects in the Philippines as he guides the business toward its objective of maximizing opportunities. He continues to work on developing solutions, whether it be by implementing new automated systems to modernize and streamline internal procedures and operations, or by utilizing cutting-edge construction technology from a practical standpoint.