Pamela Pontillas

I’ve seen SDW grow from 10 staff to now almost a hundred. Before, it’s easy to immerse with the group. You can be familiar with who is who in a day or two. Now, a new employee will take a week or even a month in order to be familiar with the staff and what team they are involved with.

SDW then holds office in a small room in Sucat. A conference table was a working desk and a meeting table simultaneously. Until we moved to Pioneer office in 2016 that started in a small office and expanded to twice the size later on.

During the earlier times of SDW, we had to do multi-tasking responsibilities just to cope up with deadlines. We still do, but now we have our own team to make sure the deadline is met.

Projects are a bit scarce during those times. We would then celebrate every time we close a contract of 5 M. Now, we have to evaluate the projects value to the company. We have to consider Quality over Quantity.

It’s been years of struggle but we finally made it to the Fit Out industry. I’m happy to be a part of this family.